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2 weeks ago

Life in Warwick is going to change very rapidly from today. Please keep calm everyone. Check on your elderly neighbours and be considerate of your fellow residents. Try and avoid the rumour mill and

Our economy must keep ticking over or we will hurt in a massive way, even more so than the drought.

As far as Zooma Signs is concerned, we are open for business and have strict measures in place for visitors to our office as well as our staff when on site. We have sanitiser available in our office and will maintain strict social distancing where face to face contact is necessary. We will deliver your orders where we can or you can collect them.

ALL our installations are going ahead as scheduled unless you have cause to postpone them for health reasons.

Remember communication is important in this pandemic and we have products available at HEAVILY reduced prices to make it easier for Southern Downs Businesses to get their messages across to their customers. A frames from $109 + GST and as always our removable vinyl window splashes from $40 + GST installed.

The best method is email and social media but for those business that need more, we can help.

This is not a opportunist marketing ploy. We just want to help local businesses that have supported us along the way so that Warwick can return to normal as soon as possible. Without our customers we wouldn’t be here.


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2 weeks ago

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We’ve reached the dizzying heights of the 500 club. Hahaha no prizes to give away, just more lucky people that get to enjoy our brilliant, insightful posts! 🤣

2 weeks ago

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Nice way too finish the short week. A nice new residence for some keen campdrafters. Matching truck cab and trailer.

Thanks Navaho Trailers for trusting us to give it that painted look without the

Navaho Trailers can hook you up with anything you need to hook up behind your truck or car. Give Peel or Jody a call 07 4661 5966

Zooma. Hooked Up.

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2 weeks ago

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Ryanie For Tyres in Clifton got a facelift this week. They knew who to call for professional signage and efficient installation. Anywhere on the Downs.

Zooma. Who you gonna call?

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2 weeks ago

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New opportunities at the Warwick Cowboys.

If you need advertising at any local sporting grounds let us know. We have the connections.

Warwick Automotive have some cracking deals waiting for you.

Zooma. Connected.

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3 weeks ago

Does your business need to communicate with foot traffic about Corona Virus impacts or anything at all?

A coreflute a frame can be used to communicate with people today about coronavirus and be

We are making these available with inserts for $109.00 inc GST. That’s half price!

This offer is available to businesses in the SDRC electorate to help them communicate to customers who may not otherwise come into their shops or businesses while we are in these crazy times.

No limit on orders and no toilet paper giveaways either. Basic text only layouts are included. Graphic design is available at an extra cost. See more

3 weeks ago

To all our customers. Nothing has changed here with respect to our capacity to make signs and put them up. Our suppliers are all still within capacity.

As with any illness we would ask you to stay

Our staff are all taking extra measures keep their workplaces clean and their hands washed etc.

Other than that, let’s all just try to be normal and keep getting things done where practical.

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3 weeks ago

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Hey Killarney…… your bank will be easier to see now.

A nice freshen up for a tired shop front.

Does your shop front look dated? Do you need expert advice on how to make it stand out and drive

We are the experts. Warwicks most experience and best equipped Signwriters. Trade qualified and really nice folk too.

Get in touch via messenger or our website

Zooma. Experts.

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3 weeks ago

Photos from Zooma Signs’s post

And ping! It’s back in one piece. All finished and ready for delivery. A complete wrap. Roof and all!

Hard to see but its now a soft shade of grey instead of white and has some contrasting colour

Thanks to our long time loyal customers at Powertune 4×4. We really appreciate your business.

Zooma. Business.

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