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4 days ago

Photos from Zooma Signs’s post

Fresh new look for the parents room at @rosecityshoppingworld . Thanks to @imageinkgraphicdesign for the cute graphics.

Zooma. Cute.

#hexisgraphics #hightack #matte #cute @ Rose City Shoppingworld

4 days ago

Photos from Zooma Signs’s post

New wayfinding and informative displays in Kalbar. Complete with solar floodlights.

Zooma. Complete.

#solar #informative #wayfinding #kalbar
@ Kalbar, Queensland, Australia

1 week ago

Photos from Zooma Signs’s post

Matte on Gloss is always a good look. Easily achieved with Hexis Skintac190 and matte laminate.

Adds a sexy look to this sweet canopy from @csmservicebodies

Zooma. Sexy.

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1 week ago

Zooma has Coronavirus……..


All hands on deck this weekend to get this sorted then hopefully on the road to recovery.

Zooma. Essential.

#coronavirus #signs #essential

1 week ago

Timeline Photos

When duty calls………. An emergency order for coronavirus signs meant we had to run into Brisbane today. By Monday all this will be turned into coronavirus signs.

Well over 600 signs.

Its times

Zooma. Required.

#rona #covid_19 #dutycalls #weekend #gone See more

1 week ago

Both printers at full speed for emergency council signage. We have had to re-arrange a lot this week to support our Council and businesses alike in these crazy times. Please bear with us. Health is

Be safe everyone.

We are still open and we are still getting to our other jobs as we can. Please call or email rather than visiting if you need anything.

07 4661 1712 See more

1 week ago

Timeline Photos

We aren’t in lockdown yet but the madness has started.

Zooma. Mad.

#sesh #monkey #isolation #madness

1 week ago

They might be shut for now but the Stockyard Tavern will be easy to find after dark when they reopen.

Might even have the good Coronas available nice and cold.

Zooma. Not Shut.

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1 week ago

Photos from Zooma Signs’s post

Apprentices job today. Smashed it.

Thanks Andersens for the continued support.


#apprentice #job #safe

#3m #hexis

Zooma. Smashed. @ Zooma Signs

2 weeks ago

Arthur Clive’s Bakery Cafe – Boonah

Now that looks great. New menu boards and great local artwork.

If you are in Boonah (while youre still allowed to move around) get down to Arthur Clives Bakery and grab some takeaway goodness.

New menu boards and beautiful pictures give a splash of colour to our shop. Thank you to 2 local businesses that helped us out. Zooma Signs and Duck Junction!!!

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